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Wild Horses on the Prarie

Our nominated charity. The work this charity does is tireless to rescue and re-home the beautiful welsh ponies.

You can find out all about the charity on their FB page.

Adopt a welsh pony....find out how you can welcome one of these beautiful ponies into you life..

NEWS meet Tom Thumb


Tom's Story

Meet orphan foal Tom Thumb (first thought to be a filly (named Lady)...... the hospital messaged today with some pics of "Lady our Little Colt" .... oops he had to be renamed Tom Thumb, here is why....

On Easter Sunday, the team were called to Eglwysilan Common in Caerphilly to tend a mare, which was down. She had injured her leg from a knot in her mane and was exhausted. Later in the day, just prior to losing light we were made aware of a foal on its own on the same common. Once again the team attended and this little one was brought to safety.

We initially thought this little one might be from the mare brought in earlier. The foal was brought to the yard, but it was evident did not come from the mare.

Ann Keating

believed the foal to be from Thumbelina's Mum, the age is about right. looks identical and we think this little colt is her Brother, once again it seems mum wasn't able to cope with a young foal. You might remember Thumbelina, brought in last Spring from the same place. The Common isn't easily accessed and Mum couldn't be brought in last year due to the difficulty getting to the area. The foal was away from the herd, he is around 1 week old, we had bloods checked yesterday, IGG levels were fine and full bloods were taken, he was doing well, but always seemed a little lethargic. He had started to scour, which isn't unusual for an orphan. The vet was called again yesterday evening as he had deteriorated quickly through the afternoon and it was recommended he be taken to hospital. He was taken to

B&W Equine Vets

Breadstone last night and put on fluids to get him hydrated, his bloods show signs of infection and he is being treated with antibiotics. He has improved since being so flat yesterday evening and was able to take milk this afternoon. Fingers crossed he will continue to improve and can come home soon.

This is now no.3 pony currently at the hospital, the great news today is that Sapphire got herself to her feet and we expect she can come home very soon now. Jewel is staying on her feet much longer, she is still weak, but eating lots and the fact she is happy to stand and eat is good news.

So far since taking the ponies to hospital we have paid around £5,500 and we have a current bill of £4,000, the majority is for hospital care. We couldn't have done this without your help, thank you so much. Please keep sharing the stories of the ponies so we can raise the funds desperately needed to get them better & bring them home.

Big thank you to

Kate Bella

for taking great care of Tom Thumb since his rescue and getting him to hospital on time, also for going up the common in the dark on Sunday evening, also volunteer

Sophie Hughes

& hubby for meeting Kate with the quad & lights. Just the job to get to the foal quickly.

Meet Caveman Carl


All in a days work for the team, Carl was stuck down a crevice. 

Were raising funds to help the charity. We have donated a beautiful fairplay Ermilo Sport Competition fleece you can win the rug in your size of choice. Tickets are £5 and click the link below to buy securely. All proceeds go to the charity


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