- breathable- highly insulated- fast moisture absorption- up to 5 degrees extra warmth- machine washable at 30 degrees- suitable for dryer- 100% polyester- best quality- easy care- tail strap- protective padded withers- fixed full neck- metal buckles- braided- extra long sides- ceramic fibres radiate heat due to infared technol- elastic surcingle stowed in a built-in channel- patent protected- anti-pilling- promotes a sense of well-being- infared technology:- has proven theraputic and stimulating effects- enhances the circulation and well-being- provides an anti-inflammatory function- infared technology is useful before and after exer- for use during exercise for warmth and to stay dry- ideal for use during transport- aids recovery and well-being- aids relaxation of the muscles- increases blood circulation

Mr Feel Warm Therapy Fleece


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